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Today we want to make sure you're aware of some online KLAS training opportunites we're offering in the near future.

We're hosting our next KLAS New Features Webinar on Thursday, and we're excited to announce the dates for two upcoming online KLAS Administrator Training sessions:

  • April 12-15, 2021 - IRC / IMC KLAS Administrators - Will be rescheduled
  • June 21-24 - LBPD KLAS Administrators - FULL 

Read on for all the details...

2/18/21 KLAS New Features Webinar

We hope you've already made plans to join us Thursday afternoon at 3 PM Eastern / Noon Pacific for the next KLAS New Features webinar. If not, be sure you get it on the calendar now, so you can learn about new features and functionality that's been added to KLAS for all our customers. During the session, Katy will discuss and demonstrate some items of note from recent releases, but if there's anything specific you'd like to ask about be sure to let her know (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) in advance so she adds it to the agenda. You will find the access info in the KLAS Webinars & Roundtables article.

Save the Date! On Thursday, February 18, 2021 at 3 PM ET / Noon PT Katy will host our next Keystone Webinar New Features webinar.

Future Online KLAS Administrator Training Dates

We're exited to announce the next two online KLAS Administrator Training sessions. The first is specifically for Instructional Resource / Materials Center KLAS Administrators and the second for KLAS Admins at Libraries for the Blind and Print Disabled. For more details about the content and format of Online KLAS Administrator Training, including feedback from previous attendees, check out our Online Administrator's Training article.

Dates for upcoming online KLAS Administrator training sessions:

  • April 12-15, 2021 - IRC / IMC KLAS Administrators - Will be rescheduled
  • June 21-24 - LBPD KLAS Adminstrators - FULL

Prerequisites for attendance:

  • Attendee must have a KLAS Administrator role in their local system
  • Attendee has authority to change records and policies for their KLAS system

We want to make sure attendees get just as much benefit from the online version as they did from attending in person, which means online version has just as hands-on, personalized, and interactive an approach as the in-person version, including opportunities for discussion with the other attendees and introduction to several Keystone staff members. The training costs $600 per attendee, which covers the staff time needed to prepare for and run the training session. It also comes with an Administrator’s Reference manual, which will be mailed to you (or provided electronically if that’s more accessible for you), pre-class worksheets, and recordings of each session.

To can sign-up for either session, please complete the Online KLAS Administrator Training Registration Form.

Online KLAS Admin Training will be April 12-15 for IRC users & June 21-24 for LBPD users.