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It was only a matter of time. In December one of our own, John Owen, contracted COVID-19 and spent two weeks off of work fighting it. Thankfully he recovered and has not experienced any of devastating or long-term side effects.

Troubled by the lack or therapeutics available to COVID patients John jumped at the chance to help one of the most vulnerable communities. As soon as he was able, he donated his plasma that now contains the antibodies that can help those who are critically ill have a better chance at recovery.

John sits in the medical office where he donates, wearing a mask and stickers with his name and arrival time (pictured later).

John said this about his plasma donation:

“I’ve done it once and found out that I can continue to donate plasma every seven days until my annual limit One small needle prick and an hour in a recliner is nothing compared to the chance that my donations can help critically ill patients have a fighting chance at recovery. This disease is no joke, and I am so thankful that my wife and family have so far been spared.”

Keep reading for photos John took during the donation procedure and of his "badge of honor" stickers.

The donation process: blood is being drawn from John's arm through a small tube.

John shows off the stickers from his appointment. The largest one has his name and arrival time; the others read "My plasma helps trauma patients!" and "I gave the #MissingType"