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Keystone has offered Administrator’s Training sessions several times a year at our office in Raleigh for many years. Not only does it allow us to give admins in-depth training on their own systems, but it also gives them the opportunity to get to know us and network with a few of their peers as they learn together.

However, we know travel costs are a barrier to some, and others are banned from business travel to North Carolina for political reasons. Then on top of that, we have a pandemic situation. Even Keystone staff isn’t going into the office right now, and we certainly aren't going to ask you to do so. The answer was clear...as much as we love having you in person, it’s time to offer admin training virtually.

To prepare for to offer online KLAS Administrator Training the transition was not as simple as starting up an online meeting and carrying on the same as we do in person.

Read on for more info about what the training offers, upcoming session dates, pricing, and a link to register.

We want to make sure attendees get just as much benefit from the online version as they did from attending in person. That means the online version needed to have just as hands-on, personalized, and interactive an approach as the in-person version including opportunities for discussion with the other attendees and introduction to several Keystone staff members.

Training Structure & Content

We also took this opportunity to revamp and re-evaluate the structure of the training. Because the in-person version required attendees to stay here in Raleigh, it was kept to two (very busy, intense, somewhat demanding) days. To make it a little easier to absorb all of the information without eating too much into your schedules, we spread out the online version to four half-days running from 1:00-4:30 PM Eastern time each day. The lesson plan itself has been updated from a progressive tour of the admin menu to a more module and task-oriented approach.

LBPD KLAS Admin Training Agenda:

Monday-Thursday 1:00-2:30 PM Eastern Time

  • Monday: Nightly Configuration
  • Tuesday: Duplication on Demand Setup
  • Wednesday: Patron-focused Settings
  • Thursday: Security Control / User Permissions

Monday-Thursday 3:00-4:30 PM Eastern Time

  • Monday: Roundtable Discussion
  • Tuesday: Catalog-focused Settings
  • Wednesday: Reports / Query / Excel
  • Thursday: WebOPAC Settings

IRC / IMC KLAS Admin Training Agenda:

Monday-Thursday 1:00-2:30 PM Eastern Time

  • Monday: Catalog-focused Settings
  • Tuesday: Materials Requests
  • Wednesday: WebOPAC / WebOrder
  • Thursday: Security Control / User Permissions

Monday-Thursday 3:00-4:30 PM Eastern Time

  • Monday: Patron-focused Settings / APH Census
  • Tuesday: Acquisitions
  • Wednesday: Other Administrator Controls
  • Thursday: Reports / Query / Excel

Finally, to help attendees orient themselves to each topic and come prepared to discuss their own settings and needs, we developed pre-class worksheets for each session. These worksheets are not checked or graded, it’s fine if attendees don’t have time to get through them all, but they will help ensure you get the most out of the training.

Upcoming Sessions & Registration

We're exited to announce the next two online KLAS Administrator Training sessions. The first is specifically for Instructional Resource / Materials Center KLAS Administrators and the second for KLAS Admins at Libraries for the Blind and Print Disabled.

Dates for these training sessions will be:

Prerequisites for attendance:

    • Attendee must have a KLAS Administrator role in their local system
    • Attendee has authority to change records and policies for their KLAS system

Online KLAS Admin Training will be April 12-15 for IRC users & June 21-24 for LBPD users.

Training Cost

The training still costs $600 per attendee, which covers the staff time needed to prepare for and run the training session. It comes with an Administrator’s Reference manual, which will be mailed to you (or provided electronically if that’s more accessible for you), the pre-class worksheets, and recordings of each session.

We hope this will allow more of you than ever before to benefit from admin training, as well as letting us continue to offer it safely. Be sure to let us know if you’re interested in joining in!

Attendee Feedback

In September, we conducted our first online KLAS Administrator's Training session. It was very much a trial run intended to make sure it met the goals we set out for it. So how’d it go?

We asked the attendees for their feedback, and here are a few of their comments...

“I really learned a lot from all of the sessions. I have this problem of not knowing where to start searches and Mitake took care of some of that. I am glad you asked everyone if we could record it. I have gone back a couple of times to see something that I had missed.

I am also glad that there are takeaway lessons and the manual for future reference.”

– Shawn Lemieux

“I would like to first say thank you for providing the training for us, it really helped me understand many processes of KLAS that I had heard about from John, but now I have an actual context and understanding of them.

I really liked the presentations as a whole; if I had two monitors it would have been perfect because I could follow along and go through the motions along with the demonstration, so for people with access to two monitors it would be even better! I found them easy to follow along as well, especially considering my background is not in libraries or library science, I was afraid it might have a hard time, but I managed fairly well. I would definitely recommend this training to others, and if I am in a management position in the future here I would definitely make sure to have employees attend the training as well.”

– Adam Smith

Screen shot of the google meet session shows Nancy, Mitake, and two of our attendees, Adam and Tony. Everyone is smiling and having a good time.

In short, we feel like this was a success, and we’re pleased to offer regularly scheduled Online KLAS Administrator’s Training sessions moving forward.