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A link to vote in the officer election will be sent to a designated representative of each KLAS library / organization.

The deadline to vote is Friday, July 17.

Biographies and Statements of Purpose of Candidate for Vice President

Michael Lang, Director, State Library of Kansas, Talking Books ServiceMichael Lang, Director, Director State Library of Kansas, Talking Books Service stands in front of banner for the library holding a digital taking book machine.


Michael Lang is the Director of the State Library of Kansas, Talking Books Service in Emporia. He has been with Kansas Talking Books since 2015. Prior to that Michael worked in a small public library and in student services roles at various institutes of higher education in Kansas. He is a member of the KLAS Programming Committee and his local Friends of the Library board.

Statement of Purpose

To encourage greater participation from KLAS users via the many platforms provided by Keystone and learn from other KLAS users how to better serve our community.