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Hello KLAS Users from Jen Buzolich, KLAS Users' Group Vice President!

On behalf of your KLAS Users Group Officers, we hope this message finds you, your friends and families, safe and healthy during these unprecedented times! Here in California, it is hard to believe that we have been out of the office since March 16! Our team, like many of yours, has been practicing our flexibility and adaptiveness as we figure out new ways to go out about our daily tasks and support our patrons! 

As we move forward, please remember the KLAS community is here to support you! The Key Notes Blog will be featuring guest writers sharing about how their organization is responding to COVID-19. Also, be sure to check out KLASusers.com to hear what our BTBL and IRCs have been doing during this time, get some great tips and tricks for working remotely, or even cook up a new dinner recipe! Read below for more news and notes within the KLAS community:


  • An IRC Roundtable, hosted by Kathy Segers of the Tennessee Instructional Resource Center took place last week. Kathy demonstrated how she and her team use KLAS to conduct their annual APH census, followed by open discussion time.  Having the time to collaborate as an IRC group surrounding KLAS allows us to work and learn from each other! We are looking for another IRC to host the next IRC Roundtable. Hosts can plan a specific topic or have an open forum for discussion. If you have questions or are interesting in hosting, please reach out to Drea.  
  • David Perrotta from NLS sent out an e-mail regarding referral code updates to the listserv, and several librarians responded. Each library is determining the best way forward to adopt the new standardized referral codes from NLS. If you haven’t yet read the message from David, please check it out and bring your comments or questions to the NLS Forum on KLAS Users at http://klasusers.com/index.php/forum/nls.
  • On May 19 starting at 1pm EST, Keystone will be hosting Users’ Group meetings. These sessions will provide an overview of the new features of KLAS, updates from Keystone, and even some organization-specific breakouts.  More information will be coming!
  • This summer the current KLAS Users’ Group officers will end their current terms and shift into their new roles. This leaves a vacancy for the Vice President role and elections will be conducted to identify a new candidate. If you are interested in serving in this capacity, please reach out to Drea. The role of the Vice President is a one-year term, followed by a one year term as President and one year as the Past President role.