We can always think of plenty of things to work on and improve, come up with new features, and generally decide how we think KLAS should look and work. However, what we think is important to implement might not be what you, the users, really want to see.

~ Katy Patrick, September 4, 2018, Re-Convening KDAC Key Notes Blog Post

The KLAS Development Advisory Committee (KDAC) serves an advisory role to Keystone on new features being developed for future releases of KLAS.


  • Solicit and review KLAS Development Suggestions
  • Report on activities at the biennial KLAS Users’ Conference
  • Communicate with constituents.


The committee approved an updated set of guidelines on Wednesday, January 22, 2020.


Six committee members representing the following categories of KLAS Users plus a Users' Group Officers' Liasion:

  • Large regional libraries
  • Mid-size regional libraries
  • Small regional libraries
  • Subregional libraries
  • Special Organizations / Schools
  • Instructional Resource Center (IRC) / Instructional Materials Center (IMC) Users

Breakdown of all KLAS Libraries and Organizations in the above-defined categories:

Current KDAC Members

  • Erin Pawlus - Arizona Talking Book Library, KLAS Users' Group Officer Liason 
  • Sam Lundberg - New Mexico Talking Book Library (small Talking Book Library)
  • Dianne Keadle - South Carolina Talking Book Services (mid-sized Talking Book Library)
  • Shawn Lemieux - New York State Talking Book & Braille Library (large Talking Book Library)
  • Ricardo Cisneros - San Franciso Public Library - Talking Books and Braille Center (subregional Talking Book Library)
  • Cyndi Reimer - California Clearinghouse for Specialized Media & Technology (IRC / IMC)
  • Donald Salvato - Xavier Society for the Blind (schools and special organizations)