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The KLAS Users Group Officers’, in conjunction with Keystone, have created a new committee to serve the needs of the KLAS Users’ community; The KLAS Development Advisory Committee (KDAC). The KDAC serves an advisory role to Keystone on new features being developed for future releases of KLAS.

The membership met twice prior to the 2014 KLAS Users' Conference and as part of those meetings determined the goals for the committee:

  1. Solicit and review KLAS Development Suggestions
  2. Report on activities at the annual KLAS Users’ Conference
  3. Communicate with constituents.

KDAC consists of six members representing the following categories of KLAS Users:

  • Large regional libraries – Joel Henderson, Oregon, Committee Chair
  • Mid-size regional libraries – Teneka Williams, Georgia
  • Small regional libraries – Martin Landry, Montana
  • Subregional libraries – Sarah Smedley, PBC/Florida
  • Special Organizations/ Schools – Jerry Barrier, Perkins
  • Instructional Reource Center (IRC) / Instructinal Materials Center (IMC) Users – Cheryl Manuel, Kansas

The KDAC guidelines, contact information of each representative, as well as a list of categories for KLAS Users, is contained in the below documents. 

Note: You must be logged into klasusers.com to access these files.

Suggestions on development ideas will be posted at: http://www.klasusers.com/index.php/forum/klas-user-suggestions. Feel free to either visit this discussion forum or contact your representative directly with any suggestions you have regarding new features you would like to see added to KLAS.