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In March of this year, Katy and I undertook a rather large project that we're now happy to see come to fruition. For the past few years, we've been discussing updating the look and feel of Keystone's website with the goal of creating something more modern, with some additional features, but still maintaining our commitment to providing info on an easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate site. To help us with this endeavor, we chose to work with Alison Meeks of AM Graphix. We're excited to say that as of yesterday, the new and improved klas.com is now live!

Screen Shot of the new klas.com landing page. The top header has links to our social media and contact info. A main menu crosses the top of the page with sections for Products and Services, KLAS and You, About Us, Users' Community, and News and Events. The main graphic shows a woman at a laptop, which has a cloud of icons representing different media types rising from it.

The content we previously provided is still available, but we hope we've enhanced it and made it all easier to find. One of the great new features we added for current KLAS Users is the ability to submit a "Support" request from any page on the site using the "Support" button in the right-hand corner. Also, the whole site is mobile-friendly and responsive to the size of your browser window.

Below are some additional screenshots of the shiny, new klas.com. We invite you to spend some time checking it out!

The Current Customer OPACs page has been updated to a modern, graphical style, showcasing the logo of each library or organization in addition to the text name. It has also been broken into new sections: Featured, Talking Book Libraries, and Instructional Resource Centers. (Note: Prefer a text-only approach? We've added that version of the list to the KLASusers.com menu!)

Screen shot displaying the Featured OPACs section. The links are displayed as an array of boxes, each with the library's logo and machine-readable text with the library's name. The currently featured OPACs belong to Idaho TBL, Indiana TBL, Vermont TBL, and Nebraska IRC.

The Products and Services: Scribe Duplication System page is new! It includes information about the Scribe, as well as some photos.

Screenshot of text describing the Scribe appliance, next to a photo of the Scribe mini.

We've included some new testimonials from KLAS users on the home page. Thank you to everyone who provided a quote for us--we appreciate your kind words and support!

A section of the front page labeled, "Fantastic Support: Focus on understanding each organization," displays a rotating selection of customer testimonials. The one displayed is from Kim Charlson of Perkins.

Finally, this is and will be an ongoing effort. Now that the new look and new organization is in place, we have plans to edit much of the content, so we'd love to hear your feedback!