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I wanted to take some time today to write about a group of our users' that I get to spend more time with than most -- our KLAS Users' Group Officers. In the nearly 18 years I've worked for Keystone, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with a number of different persons and personalities who y'all selected to fill these positions. I've facilitated in-person and online elections, been the Keystone representative to committees they lead as the chair, watched as the Users' Group became more fully involved with and proactive about helping to create and produce programming at the Users' Conference and now beyond. I've seen the Users' Group Bylaws evolve and a whole new officer cycle was instituted last year. We're now in the first election under this new model, and I'm excited at the prospect of having someone new with whom to plan and work.

With that in mind, I'm taking this opportunity to thank you all for teaching and inspiring me. Officers Meetings are places where we get the hard work done, but also connect with one another and sometimes have a good laugh. I know that the personal relationships I've established have led me to better understand the challenges you face in your day to day operations. I've even been lucky enough that I now call some of y'all friends. Keystone and KLAS are here to support you, but you're also here to support us. Your input as officers, committee members, presenters, and even conference attendees helps shape the future of what we're doing so we can better serve you and your patrons. Thank you. 

So, now it's time for the Users' Group to select a new Vice President who will become your President in a year's time. No matter who your nominees are and final selection is, I welcome them and hope they will also gain from their experiences working as part of this group as much as I have. To help everyone better understand what role they are stepping into, I asked our current KLAS Users' Group Vice President to share some insight into her duties and responsibilities over the last year. This is what Jen Buzolich, California Department of Education Clearinghouse for Specialized Media & Technology, shared:

For me, the role of the Vice President has primarily been about learning how the Users' Group functions and our roles in supporting all KLAS users and helping to bridge the users and Keystone. I have appreciated being able to bring a voice from the IRCs, while at the same time learning more about the DTBLs. Having balanced representation in the Users' Group between the two groups has been, in my opinion, very beneficial.

Therefore, I ask you to take some time to read over the bios and statements of purpose from your nominees for KLAS Users' Group Vice President once they are published and seriously consider who you want to become your new Vice President and eventual President. They will help shape your experience as a user, the future path of KLAS and Keystone, and be part of a great group of individuals who have shared and learned much from one another in the act of serving your KLAS Users' Community.