Just over a week or so ago we published an updated overview schedule and full agenda for the 2019 KLAS Users' Conference. Now that you've had a chance to read it, we'd like to talk about some of the new session offerings for this year that you might have noticed including:

  • Cards & Connections
  • Keystone Answers Your Parking Lot Questions
  • Choose Your Own Adventure

Confused? Well, today I'm going to take a minute to share some info about each.

Cards & Connections

Cards and dice lay on tableDo you want an informal way to meet other conference attendees?

Do you like card or board games?

Well, on Monday night we plan to meet up in the lobby of the hotel for just this purpose. Some Keystone staff are planning to bring versions of their favorite games and invite you to as well. I've already committed to making sure there's at least one Quiddler deck there. We're also planning to have some traditional playing cards available in accessible formats. So, after you grab some dinner Monday night, come meet us in the lobby of the hotel for some fun. 

And if you have fun, be sure to let us know! We can always add another session on Wednesday evening.

Here's the official description from the conference agenda:

Join us for an informal gathering where we encourage you to try a new game (or teach others an old favorite) & meet a new colleague. Braille, high contrast, and large print options will be available.

Keystone Answers Your Parking Lot Questions

This is a new idea from the Conference Program Committee. There are always times throughout the conference when a question comes up during a session or informal conversation, but either Keystone staff aren't available to answer it right away or the session presenter is pressed for time. In situations like this, we encourage you to write your question down on one of the provided sticky notes and add it to the "parking lot" to wait for an answer. We will review all submitted questions and try to identify and prioritize those we can answer during Thursday morning's session.

If we don't get to your answer during the session, or it's very detailed and specific to your organization, we will provide you an answer once we're back in the office--so be sure to put your name and email address on the back of your question.

Choose Your Own Adventure

You can blame me for this session, which will be held on Thursday afternoon. For a couple of years, we offered an Unconference session where we allowed attendees to identify 4-5 topics that then became the basis for conversation at a designated table. Attendees were able to move between tables and learn more about any topic they might be interested in. This format had its benefits, but we were also concerned that we were spreading things too thin trying to cover all of them. Some tables would sit empty, and some attendees would worry that by sitting in on one conversation, they'd be missing out on another. So this year, I suggested we try a new approach.

Instead of presenting 4-5 "Unconference" topics, this year we're narrowing the number of topics: we will be seeding some options, then inviting attendees to suggest others, and vote on which will ultimately be discussed during this session. So, like in a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book, the topic(s) to be addressed during this session will be up to you. Be on the lookout for a link to vote, submit your own topic suggestions, and help choose the kind of adventure we will all go on together!