...until the 2019 KLAS Users' Conference! It's been a while since I shared a conference planning update, so I thought I'd use today's post to let you know about some of the work your planning committees, local hosts, and Keystone staff have been doing to help make this a great conference for all our attendees.


Q: What's the easiest way to see all the information on klasusers.com about the 2019 KLAS Users' Conference?

A: Direct your browser to klasusers.com/UC2019

This url will automatically take you the 2019 KLAS Users' Conference page with ALL the latest articles about this year's conference. You can sort the list by "Title" or "Modified Date. Also, be sure to filter for ALL articles (from the default 10) to make sure you don't miss something from the second page.



So, what have our Program and Logistics Committees and the Keystone Staff been working to bring you?


Conference Sessions

  • Finalized all planned sessions and updated the Overview Schedule
  • Selected our Keynote Speaker


  • Communicating with presenters and moderators about expectations and timelines
  • Creating the PowerPoint template for presentations
  • Finishing the last few session descriptions
  • Discussing technical setup for various sessions
  • Working to open Breakout Session registration in the near future
  • Pushing to complete our full Conference Agenda, listing all session titles, descriptions, locations, speakers, and moderators

Transportation, Reception, Meals & More:


  • Choosing menus for other provided meals
  • Making travel plans for the Keystone staff attending the conference
  • Creating a list of restaurant recommendations
  • Putting together a Google Map listing local businesses, points of interest, and restaurants, etc.

But wait, there's more...

The conference app has been completely redesigned to present more info on an easier-to-navigate platform. Plus, it can be updated during the conference to include all the latest! Be on the lookout for an announcement when it is availabile, but some things we'd like to highlight from the redesign include:

  • Speakers List & Information Pages
  • Announcements
  • Sessions Listing filtered by Day
  • Information about Getting Around while at the conference

And here is a sneak preview:

Screenshot of the app. Shows the title bar with menu button, the UC2019 Waves of Change graphic, and an icon tray including: Home, Announcements, Sessions, Speakers, and Map