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The KLAS Program Committee has been hard at work and has a new, freshly updated Overview Schedule for the 2019 KLAS Users' Conference ready for you. This is still a draft schedule but has several changes from the version published two weeks ago.

So, how did the committee get here and what do they still have to do?

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Here's a brief look at our 2019 KLAS Users' Conference Program Committee Planning Timeframe...


  • Establish Committee
  • Set meeting schedule & expectations
  • Begin reviewing feedback from the previous conference


  • Publish initial Overview Schedule with conference framework with no specific session topics or speakers based on info from the site visit, logistics committee, etc.
  • Send out a call for proposals
  • Continue reviewing feedback from the previous conference


  • Continue reviewing feedback from the previous conference
  • Review session proposals as they are received
  • Identify / discuss other possible session topics


  • Finalize list of session topics based on conference feedback, proposals received & ideas presented by committee members
  • Slate session topics based on the type of session
  • Publish updated Overview Schedule with slated session topics


  • Review & Update Overview Schedule document
  • Assign committee member liaison for sessions
  • Refine session titles & descriptions
  • Recruit additional moderators / presenters


  • Continue refining session titles & descriptions
  • Publish the first draft of the conference agenda
  • Communicate deadlines to moderators / presenters


  • Continue communicating with moderators / presenters
  • Review / update Agenda as needed


  • Publish finalized Agenda document
  • Send out presentation template
  • Collect presentations for publication


  • Conference!