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Our last "Please pardon our dust" update was in early August, but the renovation work here at Keystone is still ongoing. We are now well into phase 3 and now are certain that the light at the end of the tunnel isn't an oncoming train. In fact, there's sunshine, new paint, redesigned kitchen cabinets, and shiny new lobby flooring.

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Read more about waht has already been done in our "Please pardon our dust" Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 posts. In phase three of the office renovation project, workmen started taking down all the old ceiling tiles, removing and replacing ductwork, ripping down wallpaper, rewiring electric and network cables, put fresh paint on walls and doors, and began prepping our office breakroom / kitchen to have all the cabinets replaced. They are almost ready to take out the old flooring and put in the new, put in the new ceiling tiles, and remove / replace the kitchen cabinets. Luckily for all of this work, no employees had to go move into temporary space, but we did have to store some equipment in other areas and learn to navigate the office without distrubing the workmen or opening a bathroom door without getting wet paint on our hands.


To see all the photos, check out the 2018 Keystone Office Remodeling album on our Facebook page.

This is the ceiling of the lobby with all the ceiling tiles and framework and old ductwork removed.

Lobby ceiling with tiles and duct work removed.

We had all the wallpaper in the lobby removed and the walls are being repainted with a fresh coat of white paint. All the doors were repainted Keystone green.

IMG 6752 

Our large training room now has new ductwork, all new electrical and network cables, and the freamework for new ceiling tiles has been completed. All the walls and doors received a fresh coat of paint as well. New flooring and new ceiling tiles will complete the work.

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