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What's been up since we initially shared with you that the office is currently undergoing a bit of an upheaval as we are having work done to give it a facelift and some updates?

Well, there's all new A/C ductwork installed on the west side of the building as well as a new ceiling gridwork, new ceiling tiles, additional network and electrical drops and plugs, and all new paint on the walls, doors, and trim. 

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Here are a few pictures of the latest work...


We had all new duct work run for our air conditioning system. Then they put in a new ceiling grid and tiles.

 2 men installing A/C duct work

The walls got primed then got a new coat of white paint.

Paint cans and primed patches on a wall

This is our small conference room with new ceiling gridwork and tiles, new LED light fixtures, and fresh paint on the walls and trim.

Small conference room with new ceiling, lights, and paint

New flooring still needs to be installed on the west side of the building. Then there will be another move of offices before work on the east side begins. If you want to see all the construction pictures we've shared to date as well as the latest ones as they're posted be sure to check out the 2018 Keystone Office Remodeling Photo Album on our Facebook page.