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In the last two weeks, you may have noticed some new information about the 2018 KLAS Users' Conference available including:UC-2018-Facebook-Post

And, there's more to come in the next few weeks including:

  • Breakout Sessions Registration
  • Welcome Reception Location & Entertainment Information
  • Pricing and on the recommended restaurants list

The Conference Planning Committees, our local hosts, and the Keystone staff work hard to create a rich conference program and to provide our attendees all the information they need to making planning and participating in the conference as rewarding and easy as possible. 

But, you may not be aware of the nitty gritty that goes into planning and sharing the information included in each of these pieces of information.

We usually try to start the planning process at least a year out. Our local hosts start contacting hotels, meeting, and reception venues. They call, we talk, we negotiate. They talk with me. They bounce dates, possibilities, and rates off the logistics committee. Then we call the hotel and venues back and start signing contracts. Then we can announce our conference location and accommodations information.

About nine months out, the conference committees review the conference feedback forms and follow-up surveys to take into account any specific requests or feedback as we move forward with planning sessions, creating a schedule and creating an overall plan for the conference content. Both the program committee and logistics committees meeting monthly for the first few months. As specific conference sessions are submitted / identified, the schedule begins to take a more finalized shape, and speakers volunteer or are recruited we meet on a twice-monthly basis.

At the same time, our logistics committee begins discussing possible caterers, reception entertainment options, transportation needs, etc. They keep meeting once a month until approximately 8-12 weeks before the conference. Then, it becomes every two weeks as well. That's because we start talking about what needs to be included in attendee packets, the conference app, where and when volunteers will be needed, and answer any final questions our local host has or ideas we may need feedback on.

As each of these pieces come together, we create articles, documents, and information that are reviewed by our planning committees, our local hosts, and Keystone staff before they are shared with our attendees. But, if you think we can add any additional information to make your at the conference experience better, please let us know!