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How to get counts for your foreign language patrons:

Use Query to get a list of patrons with a Foreign Language Preference:

In Patron Query, select the following criteria on the Advanced Query Tab:flquery

  • Patron - MainStatus - Equals - A
  • Preference - Type - Equals - PatLang
  • Preference - Code - Equals - RUS

This query will return a list of all patrons with Russian as a language on their preferences. You would need to run this query for each of the languages you are checking. (Check your codes - not everyone uses RUS for Russian.)

Export data to Excel to get age ranges:

  • From your Query set, Export the list using All Fields.
  • Highlight and delete extraneous columns. You should be left with Patron ID, Patron Type, Age
  • Add a column for Language and fill it with the language you queried on.
  • Sort your spreadsheet by Age.
  • Add a column for Age Range. Fill in the value based on the Age for the age ranges you need to provide.
  • Repeat for each Language

Create a Pivot Table to get counts by age range:

  • Copy all of the data from each of your queries into one spreadsheet
  • Put in a row above your data and label it with appropriate column headings
  • Click in the top left corner to highlight the entire table
  • From the Data menu, select Pivot Table and report
  • Allow the wizard to use your highlighted data as a source, and add the page to the current document.
  • A new Sheet will be displayed, with a blank table in the top left corner and a Pivot Table Field list.
  • Drag fields you want to have counts for to the "Drop Row Fields Here" area. For tables I created, I chose Language, then Patron type, then Age Range.
  • Drag fields to be counted to the "Drop Data Fields Here" area. I used PatronID.

Your pivot table will have counts based on the Row fields.

Give this a try and see what you get!