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Programming is in place to take advantage of fields on the Equipment Model record. Check your system to see if things are set up the way you want them for your uses.

OPAC Suppress: If there is a check mark, this record will not be displayed in the search results in WebOPAC.

Type: The NLS Digital machines should have a type of DBM / Digital Book Machine

MFG Part Num: For the NLS Digital machines, the DA1 has a Mfg Part Num of Y1. The DS1 has a Mfg Part Num of Z1

IsSerialized: Checkmark if you are keeping track of a serial number for each machine. NLS digital machines should have a checkmark.

Allow Alpha in Serial Num: Checkmark if there should by letters in the serial number. Note- this will mean that you will not be able to add machines by range. NLS Digital Machines will not have a checkmark.

Serial Num Length: For NLS Digital machines, this should be set to 7.

Num in Overpack: The digital machines come in overpacks of 8. Cassette machines were in boxes of 4.


Control File: Module k7-EQ, sequence 032, Models to Trim Lead 0 in Ser Num. Normally, if the Serial Num Length on the Equipment model page is set to number like 7, any serial number that is less than 7 digits will get filled in with leading zeros. So 123456 would be displayed as 0123456. If you don't want to have those leading zeros, make sure your machine id is listed in this control file.


Batch Receive Machines:

* Scanning barcodes: Programming has been put in place to remove certain parts of the scanned barcode to leave just the serial number. The system will remove either the KLASID- or the Mfg Part Num from the scan for this purpose. So, if you have machine DS1-0000001, and you scan its barcode into the serial number field, you will see Y10000001 briefly appear. The Y1 is stripped out of the serial number field when you tab, press Enter, or press the Save button.

* Overbox: The first number in a set is entered, and the system calculates the numbers for the rest of the set. The size of the set is taken from the Num in Overpack field.

* Range: Scanning the barcode at the bottom of the overpack label should result in the first and last serial numbers being entered into the beginning and ending fields for the range.