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Subject: Circulation Policy Administration
Date: 1/4/2007

Did you know that as an administrator, you can establish circulation policies for all of your materials?

Circulation policies are the rules that govern the checkout of materials to patrons.

You can create rules for:

  • the medium of the materials
  • the location of the materials
  • the type of patron receiving materials
  • how long a normal circulation period is
  • long a renewal period is

how many renewals a patron can have
When you check out materials to a patron, the system finds the rule that best matches the situation and uses the rules to calculate what the due date should be. It also does a double check to make sure that the patron is allowed to have the materials at all.

Let's say you'd like to have a different length of time for the checkout of descriptive videos than for your other materials. When you look at the Circulation Policy Maintenance screen, you only see one rule, so you know you'll need to add another rule. Once you add the new rule and save it, that rule will apply to all subsequent circulations of descriptive videos.

Since this is a process best done live, rather than having me write out the excruciating details, we have recorded a webinar on Circulation Policy Maintenance. The first part of the webinar describes the various fields within the screen, and the second demonstrates adding a new circulation policy for descriptive video. You can find this webinar listed with the other Administration Module webinars.