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Subject: Statistical Periods - v7 Administrators
Date: 2/5/2007

KLAS v7 System Administrators, have you looked at your statistical periods lately? Perhaps you should.

The statistical periods are displayed on the Statistics tab in most KLAS v7 modules. They keep track of things like the number of copies added and the number of copies withdrawn during the time period.

Period Maintenance, found on the View - Administration menu from the KLAS Desktop, contains all of the statistical periods that KLAS keeps track of. Each period record has a name, a type and a range of dates that define the time period. When an action, such as adding copies, occurs, the system automatically increments the number for all statistical periods that are current, i.e., during the time period defined by the dates.

Before the end of a current statistical period, you'll want to make sure that the next statistical period has been defined. For example, before the end of FY2007 - Federal Fiscal Year 2007 - defined as 10/1/2006 - 9/30/2007, you'll want to make sure that FY2008 has been created.

If you have any questions about your statistical periods, or would like assistance in creating new statistical periods, please let us know.