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Subject: RS Navigator
Date: 7/26/2006

Now that most of the libraries have gotten the latest upgrade, I'd like to share with you a little information about the RS Navigator.

The RS Navigator is located off of the Functions Menu in Patron. It is designed to allow Reader Advisors to view their Reader Services Queue, navigate to the desired patron record and serve the patron - all without having to use the Query function "Search My RSQue".

Highlighting a patron in the RSQueue Navigator will bring up that patron's record in Patron. You can keep both screens open and move from one patron to the next without using the Find.

The two buttons at the bottom of the RS Queue Navigator help a Reader Advisor work with the queue. "Mark Served" will delete the RS Reasons, and will remove the patron from the queue. "Skip" will remove the patron from the queue temporarily, but will reset the date to be a few days in the future, when they will reappear in the queue. The number of days in the future is controlled by a Control file.