Subject: Bulk Delete Reserve
Date: 5/22/2006

In version 7, there is a means by which you can remove a few or a lot of requests and reserves from a patron's record, besides just deleting them individually.

First, find your patron, then switch to the Requests tab. On the bottom right of the screen, there are two buttons. Asg Item (Ctrl + G) will assign the highlighted request, if there are items available. The other button, Bulk Del Rsv, which stands for Bulk Delete Reserve, will allow you to set the criteria for removing requests and reserves. To get to this function using your keyboard, you'd need to access the Functions menu (Alt + U) and then select B three times (First B is Book search, the second is Book Club Maintenance and the third is Bulk Delete Reserve).

When the Bulk Delete Reserves screen comes up, the Patron ID and the Name of the patron should already be displayed. If these aren't the correct patrons, use the Binoculars to find the right one.

You then have several criteria can use to select the reserves and requests you want to delete.

The Reserve Date lets you enter a date range. Reserves and Requests that were added to the patron's record during that time period would be affected.

  • Reserves Type would let you specify Reserves, Request or the other types of reserves you have in your system.
  • Medium would limit the deletion to just those requests and reserves in the medium you specified.
  • KLAS ID Begins field allows you to limit your selection based on the beginning of the KLAS ID.

Once you specify your criteria, you press OK. The system will count how many reserves and requests will be deleted from the patron's record and let you know - and giving you a chance to cancel the operation.

When you are done deleting reserves and requests, you would want to close this screen using the Exit or Cancel buttons in the top right of the screen (or the X in the top right corner, or by using the Esc key).

Let's use a couple of examples to illustrate the function:

  • Patron John Smith claims that all of his requests and reserves are just too old and he'd like to start over again. In this situation, bring up the Bulk Delete Reserves, verify that you are looking at John Smith and press the OK button. By leaving all of the fields at Blank or , you are deleting everything.
  • Patron Joan Baker only wants requests she has asked for this year. If the request is older than that, take it off her list. In the Bulk Delete Reserves screen, after verifying that it is the correct patron, enter in 01/01/1980 in the Reserve Date From field and 01/01/2006 in the Through field. Select Request from the Reserve Type and press the OK button. The date in the Reserve Date From field could be anything sufficiently old that she has no requests older than that. That date may vary from patron to patron, but I'm guessing that there are no requests older than 1980.
  • Finally Patron Susan Roberts record is full of requests for disk titles, and she hasn't had a record player in 8 years. She'd like to clean it up so that when she looks at her requests on-line, she only sees those she asked for in cassette. Using the Bulk Delete Reserves screen, and selecting Disk as the medium will take care of this situation in a jiffy.

One warning on using this feature. If you get to the count of reserves and requests that will be deleted and you press Yes to continue, those requests are gone. If you have any doubts at all, select No and exit the Bulk Delete Reserves screen.

Hopefully, you'll find lots of uses for this feature.