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Subject: Keyboard Shortcuts
Date: 4/20/2006

During the 2006 KLAS Users Conference in Salt Lake City, Alan Bentson, a Readers' Advisor from the Washington Talking Book and Braille Library gave a talk on "Using Assistive Technology with KLAS from a User's Standpoint".

Alan noted that KLAS users who rely on the mouse alone are often not aware of the keyboard commands that activate various features. These keyboard commands are listed on the various menus in KLAS, and are also available in the Help.

As part of his presentation, Alan handed out a chart with some commonly used keyboard shortcuts. This chart, created and edited by Pat Kirk and Mitake Burts is now available for you to download in the Quick Reference section in either a Word or pdf format.

You'll find that you are much faster if you don't have to pick your hands up off the keyboard to grab the mouse.