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Subject: Circulation Maintenance by KLAS ID
Date: 4/10/2006

One of the new features that may have slipped by you in the last upgrade is the option to use Circulation Maintenance by KLAS ID.

In the Circulation Maintenance screen, if you select the binoculars icon next to the barcode field, you'll be brought to the Circulation Maintenance by KLAS ID screen. Type in the KLAS ID (or use the find) in the appropriate field at the top of the screen. When you tab out of the field, all of the items associated with the title will be displayed, showing their current circulation status and Materials disposition.

If you click on the Circulation Date column, you should be able to sort the items by that field. Or, you could sort the items by the Circulation status by clicking on that column heading.

On the top right hand side of the screen, you can select the circulation status, materials disposition and current shelf location that the items you select are going to be made. Then highlight an item by clicking on it (you can use the Ctrl key and multi-select items). Use the Process Changes button between the upper and lower browses to make those changes.

You can use this interface to change the circulation/materials status of items, including taking an item from NAC/LUN to AVL, or from OUT to AVL. You can also use this interface to change the location of items, including clearing out their turnaround shelf locations.

We plan to have a recorded webinar demonstrating this up on the KLAS website shortly.