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The Julie Klauber Award Committee and Keystone Systems are excited to announce Nancy Reese, Idaho Commission for Libraries, Talking Books Service, as our 2018 Julie Klauber Award Honoree. Congratulations Nancy! Your dedicated service to your patrons, staff, and community are an example of leadership and make you an incredible asset to your library. We look forward to honoring you and your work at the 2018 KLAS Users' Conference in Boise! On Tuesday, May 8, Nancy will be presented with the award during the Opening General Session of the conference. An official press release will be published prior to the conference on www.klas.com.

Sue Walker, Library Consultant, Idaho Commission for Libraries, Talking Books Service, nominated Nancy. This is the nomination Sue submitted:

Reason for Nomination

Nancy has been the KLAS administrator for almost ten years. During that time she has helped to implement several new KLAS services such as DOD and the PIMMS transition. Most recently, she was instrumental in implementing the most recent iteration of Patron Centric Cartridge (PCC) that allows staff to assign multiple titles to users' cartridges remotely. Nancy worked intensively with Keystone staff to troubleshoot the software and with staff to train them to successfully use it. As a result, Idaho is one of the few libraries who are using this version of PCC. During the summer of 2017, three of Idaho's four Reader's Advisors retired. Nancy provided training to the new staff as well as ongoing support to maintain quality customer service during the transition period. She routinely provides reader's advisory as a backup to staff. Nancy has been an active member of the KLAS conference planning committee and readily shares her knowledge at annual conferences and individually as requested. Recognizing the importance of having the conference available regionally Nancy advocated to host the conference in Boise for several years and is working on the logistics committee to make the 2018 conference a success.

Effect on Library

Quality customer service is one of the Idaho Talking Book Service’s highest priorities. As a result, remaining on the cutting edge of technology that will improve user access to resources is very important. Nancy’s willingness to learn the capabilities of new technology and work to successfully implement it ensures Idaho residents’ access to resources will increase. In addition, helping Keystone successfully pilot new technology in one library makes it easier to implement in other libraries.

Job Responsibilities

As the KLAS administrator, Nancy works daily with KLAS to troubleshoot any issues, train staff, maintain quality customer service, and access to resources.