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To register for breakout sessions:

  1. If you have not already, register for the 2018 KLAS Users' Conference.
  2. Review the scheduling and descriptions of breakout sessions in this article and / or in the 2018 KLAS Users' Conference Agenda & Daily Schedule and decide which ones you wish to attend.
  3. Complete and submit the 2018 KLAS Users' Conference Breakout Sessions Registration form.

Breakout Sessions Scheduling:

Birds of a Feather (BoaF), Workshop, and Hands-on Training sessions run concurrently.

Birds-of-a-Feather (BoaF) sessions give participants the opportunity to exchange ideas in a group discussion setting. Topics range from making the most of KLAS features to exploring broader service-related ideas. These sessions are not formal presentations with slides or software demonstrations. Instead, the format is casual and open. Moderators launch the discussion and keep the conversation on topic. Participants are asked to come prepared to share and learn.

Workshop sessions are presented by a Keystone and / or User presenter. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions throughout the session and may have limited opportunities to try the function or task on their own. These in-depth presentations of particular KLAS features and functions will demonstrate the cause and effect of employing different tools through the use of slides, live examples, and customer experiences.

To participate in BoaF and Workshop sessions registration is not required, but is recommended. Please indicate which sessions you are interested in attending to help us with space planning.

Hands-On Training sessions allow participants to use a workstation to explore a specific function, task, or feature in KLAS. After a brief introduction to the topic, participants will proceed through guided practice worksheets. Keystone trainers will be available to answer questions and provide feedback. Registration is required. Space in hands-on training is limited to 10 participants per session.

When you register for breakout sessions, please prioritize the Hands-on Training sessions you want to attend. We make every effort to place you in one or two of your top choices. If all 10 slots are filled, waiting list order is determined by your registration request date. Session confirmations will be sent out after Friday, April 6. If you are not placed in a hands-on training class, you may choose to attend the BoaF or Workshop session scheduled for the same time. For space planning purposes, we ask you to indicate your preferences for these sessions as well.

   Birds of a Feather (BoaF)  Hands-on Training  Workshop
Tuesday 10:50 AM-Noon  KLAS Administrators  KLAS 102  Troubleshooting PCC
Tuesday 3:50-5:00 PM  Equipment  Analyzing Your Circ Stats  New Features in KLAS
Wednesday 10:50 AM-Noon

 Instructional Resource / Materials Centers 

 Wrangling Your NLS Data  Using KLAS with Social Media


Wednesday 3:50-5:00 PM Readers Advisors Using the KLAS Batch Manager to Run Reports Training Your Staff from the Ground Up
Thursday 10:50 AM-Noon Outreach Un-Packing Your WebOPAC While You Were Sleeping: The Nuts & Bolts of Nightly

Birds of a Feather, Hands-on Training, and Workshop Session Descriptions:

Tuesday 10:50 AM-Noon

  • KLAS Administrators BoaF

  • KLAS 102 Hands-on Training A "second semester class" for newer KLAS users. You've gotten your feet wet and learned the basics. Ready for the next step? Find out what common profile settings really mean, learn some tricks for doing common tasks faster, and get up to speed in time for the more advanced break-out sessions. 

  • Troubleshooting PCC WorkshopHas your library hit a roadblock in Patron Centric Cartridge implementation? Are you considering making the transition but need more information? Join us to delve more deeply into the work being done behind the scenes.

Tuesday 3:50-5:00 PM

  • Equipment BoaF

  • Analyzing Your Circ Stats Hands-on Training - Tracked vs Consumable? Why does it matter what range of KLAS IDs to use? Keystone staff will help explain the terms, conditions, and the ins and outs of circulation.

  • New Features in KLAS Workshop - Want to learn more about one of the features Nancy quickly highlighted in the general session earlier? Come to this workshop to learn more details, see demonstrations and ask questions about the new features in KLAS since our last conference.

Wednesday 10:50 AM-Noon

  • Instructional Resource / Materials Centers BoaF

  • Circulation BoaF

  • Wrangling Your NLS Data Hands-on Training - Tame your NLS data problems in this hands-on workshop. Round up missing MARC records to resolve BARD Load errors, and wrestle NLS subjects into local subject codes. Search PIMMS to find the source of those maverick patron transfers, and import herds of Has Hads(no re-keying required). Even if this isn’t your first rodeo, Nancy can show you how to save time and whip your database into shape.

  • Using KLAS with Social Media Workshop - The how to’s and the why’s of social media. What makes for good social media posts? Come hear one library’s experience using certain channels to build on its presence and create a regular feature for outreach and library news. Those who attend are welcome to share their own experiences.

Wednesday 3:50-5:00 PM

  • Readers Advisors BoaF

  • Using the KLAS Batch Manager to Run Reports Hands-on Training Discover how easy it is to use KLAS’ Batch Manager to run reports when you need them and share them with others.

  • Training Your Staff from the Ground Up Workshop - How do you help someone learn to work in an LBPH? Is it any easier with a seasoned pro vs. a recent MLS graduate? What training resources are available to teach staff about their position and the technology they will be using such as KLAS? Come and hear how one library does it, and share your thoughts and ideas.

Thursday 10:50 AM-Noon

  • Outreach BoaF

  • Un-Packing Your WebOPAC Hands-on Training - Perhaps your library is considering an upgrade to KLAS WebOPAC v4. Maybe you have made the switch, but you’re ready to spice it up with features like up-to-date news and staff picks. This session will guide you through the setup and configuration of your online catalog.

  • While You Were Sleeping: The Nuts & Bolts of Nightly Workshop - Would you like to demystify the nightly processes that aid in book selection? In this workshop, you will learn how to customize your settings and make periodic adjustments to better serve your patrons and increase circulation.

Wednesday Afternoon Seminar Scheduling:

Seminar sessions are presented by a Keystone and / or User presenter in a small group setting. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions throughout the session but only the instructor has workstation access. These in-depth presentations of particular KLAS functions or topics make use of slides, live examples, and customer experiences to explore the defined topic.

To participate in these sessions registration is not required, but is recommended. Please indicate which sessions you are interested in attending to help us with space planning.

   Seminar 1  Seminar 2  Seminar 3
1:30-2:25 PM  Fundraising or "Show Me the Money!"  Creative Community Collaborations in Outreach & Social Media  Queue Up! Maximizing Your RS Queue
2:35-3:30 PM  KLAS PCC in Idaho  Serving Underserved Populations  KLAS KLEAN - Maintaining a Healthy Database

Seminar Descriptions:

Wednesday 1:30-2:25 PM

  • Fundraising or "Show Me the Money!"Join us for a panel discussion where we will explore essential tools necessary to break down the challenges you face finding funding for your library and creative budgeting tactics to survive on limited means.

  • Creative Community Collaborations in Outreach & Social Media - Partnering with community organizations, libraries, and agencies to cross-market and expand your services can be fun, cost-effective, and beneficial. Learn about real examples of collaborative social media campaigns and outreach events. Share your experiences and brainstorm other ways to network and build partnerships in support of your library, your patrons, and your community.

  • Queue Up! Maximizing Your RS Queue - The Reader Services Queue can be a valuable tool to find patrons who need service. For instance, automated messages can be sent when nightly processes did not find enough books to send. While this is a helpful feature, you don’t even have to wait for KLAS to put the words in your mouth! Find out how to use the RS Queue to both capture those who slipped through the cracks and to personalize service for patrons in a multitude of ways. 

Wednesday 2:35-3:30 PM 

  • KLAS PCC in Idaho - Experience the thrill of victory as the story of Idaho's PCC implementation is described and lessons learned are shared.

  • Serving Underserved Populations - Discuss best practices as it relates to reaching out to the underserved populations such as rural, young adult, children, and foreign language patrons within the Talking Books community.

  • KLAS KLEAN - Maintaining a Healthy Database Could your database use some clean-up? Learn the best way to efficiently keep it accurate and accessible. How to purge old records, spot errors and other problems that could cause issues. A guideline for when to do things based on experience.