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Scribe Errors and What to Do About Them

Browse this list of potential Scribe Errors for more information about why they might occur and what you can do to recover from them. This list is still under construction--if your error is not yet listed, please email a screenshot to Keystone Customer Support for information and next steps. Remember that we're always here to help if you're having trouble!

Waiting for cartridge (not an error)

  • IA_WAITING_FOR_BARCODE2    Waiting for cartridge for order 201231234

What it is: Scribe displays this message once a duplication barcode has been scanned and it is ready for you to insert a cartridge.

What to do: A cartridge should be plugged into the slot with this message and a white LED indicator. If you have plugged a cartridge into the designated slot and this message still displays, check that it is fully inserted. If Scribe still does not recognize that the cartridge has been plugged in, contact Keystone for assistance; we can walk you through accessing and tightening the connections, or advise you on how to clean the cartridge connection point.

Barcode error

  • Invalid barcode BOD441HW. for serial 123412341234

What it is: Scribe can’t match up the order barcode you scanned with a Duplication Order in KLAS. It may be a bad scan, that your print quality is too poor and the barcode has been malformed, or that the wrong barcode was scanned.

What to do: Try again. Make sure that you scan the barcode just above the patron’s name and address. If it still doesn’t scan correctly, try printing a new copy of the card. If print quality seems to be the issue, Keystone Customer Support can assist you in adjusting printer settings or cleaning the print head.

If the print quality looks good, use another scanner or a barcode scanner smartphone app to scan the order barcode, and contact Keystone with the results. If other scanners are able to get a “clean” read of the barcode, you may need a new scanner for your Scribe, or to adjust the settings of your current scanner.

Cartridge disconnected

  • Order 201234567 for SMITHJ01: Error – Cartridge no longer mounted
  • Order 201234567 for SMITHJ01: Error – Cartridge ejected while working

What it is: Scribe has lost communication with the cartridge. Either it was unplugged, or one of the USB connections between the Scribe Mini and the port has lost connection.

What to do: Wait 30 seconds or so for the error to clear, then try again. If you have frequent trouble with a certain port or ports, contact Keystone for assistance; we can walk you through accessing and tightening the connections, or advise you on how to clean the cartridge connection point.

Do not remove cartridges from the Scribe until either:

the LED indicator is Green and/or the Web Monitor shows that the slot is Ready to Mail, or

the LED indicator is Red and/or the Web Monitor shows an Error.

Cartridge error

  • Could not mkdir/tmp/tmpqccm9x4ysdn1/001_BODINST01

What it is: Scribe could not write to the cartridge. This could be a temporary problem, or the cartridge itself could have an error.

What to do: Try the duplication again with a different cartridge. Try the problem cartridge again later with a different order; if it has the same error again, it could have an unknown password or just be a bad cartridge. 

Invalid status

  • Order 201231234 is already in Titles Copying status

What it is: Scribe will only duplicate orders in a pending status, such as Assigned or Error. As soon as duplication begins, the order is updated to Titles Copying. Occasionally, an order can get "stuck" in Titles Copying, rather than updating to either Error or In Circulation. 

What to do: Double-check that you didn't end up with two copies of the card, and that the order is not actually being duplicated in another slot. If you are sure that this is an error, and you have the cartridge that was used the first time the order was attempted, try again: rescan the card, and insert the original cartridge into the indicated slot. If you do not have the original cartridge, contact Keystone Customer Support to reset the order status. 

  • Order 201231234 is already in In Circulation status
  • Order 201231234 is already in Cancelled status

What it is: Scribe will only duplicate orders in a pending status, such as Assigned or Error. This is to prevent you from accidentally sending duplicate or cancelled orders to patrons. 

What to do: Mail cards for Cancelled orders can be thrown away. Cancelling an order also clears the Mail Card in KLAS, so you don't need to worry about unassigning the card; the only reason the card printed at all would be because the batch was printed before the order was cancelled. If an order is In Circulation and you want to re-duplicate it, you will need to either use the same cartridge it was originally duplicated to, or re-send the order in KLAS and get a new Order number and Mail Card.