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Highlights from the first year of our Thursday Tips series. 


Do you need a new shelf? - Your KLAS database is set up with one or more "shelves" so you can record where your books and other items are stored. This post shares a couple reasons why you might consider adding a new Shelf to your set-up.

Invalid Language Fix - Do you have odd language entries in your catalog? This post can explain how they get there, how to check for them, and how to fix them.

Patron Services

Book Search series - The Book Search is a powerful tool with a ton of options! Check this series for downloadable quick-tips to help you get the most out of your searches.

Patron Merge - The Merge Patron tool will help you copy information between these records and get all of the patron's info in one place. Learn how it works and download a quick-tip with step-by-step instructions.

Reserves and NSCutoff - Do reserves obey the NSCutoff (nightly service cut-off)? It depends on your library! Read up on the pros and cons of each approach, and better understand how reserves work for your organization. 

Serve Codes - How well do you understand your Patron Profile Serve Codes? NA, OL, TA... it can sound like alphabet soup, but it actually follows a standard formula! Learn the ins and outs on this post.


How to Copy Subscribers from one Serial to Another - Download this QuickTip for instructions and a screenshot. This method will work anytime a serial is being replaced by or even just supplemented with a similar title.


Browse Page (pre-defined searches) - Anything that you can search for in the catalog can be listed on the Browse page as a pre-defined search, and while the Recent and Popular titles are a good start, there are a lot more options! 


Moving / Sorting Columns - Did you know that you can rearrange most of the browse tables displayed in KLAS? Find out how and download a quick-tip with more detailed instructions.

Summer Reading Queries - Download a HowTo document that will help you build queries for your Summer Reading program, or any other outreach opportunity!

Query and Search Operators - Do you know what all of the query and Search Operators in KLAS mean? Here's a cheatsheet!

Saving Queries - Do you use any queries over and over? Save yourself time and headache by saving the query--a downloadable quick-tip will show you how.

Administrators: How and Why to use Security Groups - This is a powerful option that many admins don't know much about, so read up here and get ahead of the curve.

Keystone Training

Training: How do you do it and how can we help? Sound off here to help steer the future of Keystone training!

NLS Libraries

BARD Load Errors - Don't suffer in silence! When you start looking through your BARD load errors, it's easy to get overwhelmed. But I have good news: there are really only four kinds of errors, and they're all easy to fix. Find out how in this post.

IRCs and IMCs

WebOrder Help Page - Each year, you need to create the record for the new fiscal year / school year using Period Maintenance. Read up on the details here. 

RA / Reader Advisor

Quick Preferences - Find out how to add preferences for your patrons more quickly and easily, and download a quick-tip with detailed instructions.